Dashiki cloth diaper
Dashiki cloth diaper
Dashiki cloth diaper

Dashiki cloth diaper

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Hybrid diaper option:
This is a Hybrid diaper with a hidden layer of Wind Pro fleece between the outer print, and softest inner bamboo velour. This fleece is one of the best fleece fabrics that can be used as a repelling barrier. Any moisture trying to escape the diaper will be repelled by this fleece and be sucked back into the diaper and snap-in soaker. This moisture resistant feature allows your baby to go around without a cover for a few hours before needing a change. Hardface wind pro is both water resistant and breathable.
This comes with a m snake style insert has snaps to keep the insert from shifting while baby moves and also allows for a sized, precise snake fold with every diaper change. You have the option of serged edges or top stitched for a cleaner finished look

For The pocket diaper is made of cotton with a layer of hidden PUL on the inside and layered with Micro fleece ,athletic wicking, or to help keep baby’s skin dry. Are basic pocket diaper does not have a insert but you can choose the option for one in the drop down come Pocket will be turned and top stitched

*additional pre-washes are recommended before use to ensure maximum absorbency.

This diaper is very absorbent and can be used without cover for hours. They are not considered waterproof, and should require a cover if you're child is traveling, napping or used overnight.

*These items are handmade and may vary slightly from each other.

If you need custom order, different size, color, or soaker system, please contact me, I will be happy to work with you on that.

All of the items I make meet CPSC Safety Requirements.